Cloud Computing with ParFlow

In cloud computing, software and data are shared via servers that can be accessed on-demand through basic terminals in conjunction with a web browser. This affords the efficient utilization of software and hardware infrastructure by multiple users without the need of local software installation and maintenance. This concept was applied and extended to the integrated hydrologic simulation platform ParFlow via a newly developed web interface. The interface advances the concept of cloud computing by providing a comprehensive user interface, not only for the application of ParFlow, but also for its use in supercomputer environments without the direct involvement of the end-user. This also opens new possibilities for true grid computing, i.e. the simultaneous utilization of heterogeneous systems located at different geographic locations. The current version of the interface provides full functionality of ParFlow including the use of cluster resources.

Introduction of a web service for cloud computing with the integrated hydrologic simulation platform ParFlow (10.1016/j.cageo.2012.01.007)